Not so Good Friday…

I use to be so excited about long weekends and or breaks. Don’t get me wrong, I love getting to spend extra time with the girls because as a working mom, I don’t get to spend nearly as much time as them as I want to. I think it’s because it’s viewed as a break from work. It’s not a break though. I leave my school where I teach preschoolers with Autism to go home to my preschooler with Autism and her little sister. I spend my days at work with children who can’t communicate their wants and needs so express them through behaviors and go home to my daughter with Autism and my daughter who is in that “am I an infant or am I toddler stage”. (What is a 17 month old, an infant or a toddler?) Both of whom again, communicate their wants and needs through behaviors. Not finding how this is a break.

Anyways, Courtney and I both had off today because of Good Friday. Joe did not have off so it was just the girls and me all day. AND, no therapies were scheduled. It was just a tough day. To top it off, Alyssa has two teeth coming in and has a double ear infection. I could probably stop there, I think people can get a sense of how the day went. Yep, it was a day of mood swings galore from Alyssa and Courtney literally climbing the walls because I couldn’t keep her busy enough. I wanted to pull my hair out! Initially I had planned on going to my parent’s house for dinner and then they were going to watch the girls while I went to the Good Friday Service. Mid afternoon I called my dad and said I was trying to come up with a good excuse of why I wasn’t coming but the real reason was I was just too damn tired. A little later I did find myself somewhat regretting that I didn’t go to my parent’s house because I think I could have used the change of scenery.  Oh well.

***fell asleep writing this post Friday night. Probably the 1 hour of sleep I got before Courtney woke up and was up for 4 hours. Can’t remember where I was headed with the entry, lol.***

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