Mama Bear…

I’ve seen all these shirts on different sites referring to moms as mama bears, whether it be an autism shirt or just a regular old shirt that says Mama Bear. I never really stopped to think what the term “mama bear” came from. The other day I was venting via text to my good friend from school and she replied back with something comforting about me wanting what is best for my child and then said “mama bear”. It was then that I realized the meaning behind it. It is well known that you don’t want to bother an animal, such as a bear, when they are with their babies. They are on higher alert when they are trying to also protect their babies. I quickly noticed the change in my personality once I had kids. Boy did those mama bear instincts kick in. Then those mama bear instincts really kicked in gear when it became clear that Courtney needed me to be her voice, her advocate. I’ve had to go out of my “no confrontations” box more than I ever imagined I could. But when protecting your cub, a mama bear is ready for anything. So I now own this sweatshirt to remind myself that I’ve got this!

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