Is it even worth it…

I hate Halloween. I’ve made it quite known. So here I am with two girls, one who is at the age that could really enjoy Halloween but is clueless about things like holidays and another one who is still too young to really get it. I tried to come up with every excuse in the book on why I wasn’t going to take them out trick or treating. Really, I probably didn’t an excuse at their age. I went back and forth all day but finally had decided we weren’t going to go because I heard Courtney was cranky.

I was driving home from the fitness center when suddenly I was feeling like I wasn’t doing my job as a mom  by not even really exposing them to Halloween. I’m quick to say they don’t get it so why even bother. Why even bother talking about Halloween. I’ve done that with other things too. Shame on me. That’s not how it works. The only way they are going to learn about Halloween and other things is by actually exposing them to it.

Alyssa has been wearing her costume (having no clue that it’s considered a halloween costume) non stop the past couple days so I knew she would be ready to go. So I decided if I can get Courtney in her costume we would be going trick or treating. By the look on her face when I saw her, I was guessing it wasn’t going to happen. She proved me wrong…I had no issue getting her costume on. I also made sure I grabbed her talker because I was going to teach her how to say “Happy Halloween”. Joe and I got the girls ready and we decided we would just try a few houses. We got to the end of our drive way and went to walk next door and she immediately dropped to the ground. I tried to coerce her, but it wasn’t going to happen. Baby steps…she got her costume on so that’s a plus! Alyssa had fun though! I got back to the house and was proud of my crew for trying. And from here on out, it is worth it to at least expose the girls to things. That is the only way they will learn.


One thought on “Is it even worth it…

  1. If you don’t try, you will never succeed. If she is ever exposed to dress-up, it’s hard for many kids to understand the added trick or treating part. Good try!


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