Data keeping…

This is an ABC chart. ABC stands for antecedent, behavior, and consequence. Basically it’s filled when you are trying to determine when and why a certain behavior is occurring. It can be used to chart ANY behavior. Want to know why you bite your nails, use one of these charts! I have filled out many of these at school. I’ve mostly use them to determine why a child is engaging in aggressive behaviors.

Well now I’m filling out one for Courtney. Her therapists are helping us figure out why we are seeing so much aggression. Courtney has been a biter and a scratcher for a while now but it wasn’t something you saw frequently. As of recent, it has increased in both frequency and intensity. Though not every child with autism is aggressive, it is common. Typically you will find it’s because of the inability to communicate. That’s where one of these charts help. You may find out that you are actually rewarding the child when they are exhibiting a behavior. For example, today Courtney went to bite me. I went to calm her down and realized that on her talker it said “eat fruit pouch”. She requested something and I didn’t hear her so she got mad. I gave her the fruit pouch. Well now I taught her that if She asks and we don’t hear then bite us and She will get it. Now that I’ve looked closely at this situation, I know we have to teach her persistence in her requesting.

These charts can be very telling. I hope it’s the case for us. I hope we can come to a better understanding why she has become more aggressive and determine a way to help decrease it. I hate having to warn those we spend time with that Courtney can be aggressive. I hate having to block bites, I hate having to watch her like a hawk when she comes near another child including her own sister because what it that’s the moment that she decides she’s frustrated about something. What I am happy about is that we have an amazing team of therapists that works closely with us at home and will help us.

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