Her words…

It’s been just over a year since we embraced the journey of Assistive Technology with Courtney and I feel like she is finally starting to own it. Meaning she is now starting to understand that she needs her talker to get her needs met. She is starting to independently carry it from one room to the next with out us telling her to bring it. She’s using it to request her favorite foods, toys and even some actions. She is even starting to use to to label items and colors! Today I watched her use her talker to ask her nanny to scratch her arm. I wanted to cry. Courtney can talk! Is it the way you and I talk? No, but that doesn’t matter one bit. She has words!

As much progress as she has made, she is still a long way from being proficient. Actually, we are throwing a curve ball at her. Even though she has made progress, her private speech therapist feels the communication system we are using may not be appropriate for her. He sees the progress but feels she could make more progress with another system. So in 2 weeks we are introducing a new system to Courtney. I’m very nervous.

I’ve mentioned before that learning how to use a talker is like learning a different language. And each type of talker is almost like it’s own different language. Courtney knows how to ask for milk but now will have to learn a different way to ask. These coming weeks may be very hard and confusing on her. Fortunately I already know this knew system!

2 thoughts on “Her words…

    • Yes, I’m hoping the transition won’t be too bad since she now understands the cause and effect of using her talker, meaning if she presses the buttons she gets what she wants. We are switching to LAMP Words for Life.


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