Dinner time!

Break out the drums, sound the trumpets, I’m ready to celebrate!

So as you know, a couple weeks ago Courtney ate cauliflower at a restaurant that we go to regularly. We were excited last week because she ate it again along with tried a lost item from her list, broccoli. Love when we try things for a first time, but when she eats it for a second time it’s even more exciting!

Now for why I’m celebrating today. We were all around the counter as Savannah (our nanny) was cutting vegetables for the pizza she was making. Courtney was fascinated by the tomato but then at some point she used her talker to request a strawberry. As of recent, she’s been enjoying taking a strawberry and rubbing it on her lips. Tonight we got her to take a bite! Not just one bite though! She ate several!

The excitement doesn’t stop there. Back to the broccoli and cauliflower. Courtney can be very brand specific. Only eats the pizza I make, only likes one type of butter, one brand of yogurt and so on. This week I bought cauliflower and broccoli to try with her at home. I was guessing she wouldn’t eat it. Tonight I made it for her and she ate it!!!! I cried as I took pictures so I can share the excitement with her feeding therapist. We were all so ecstatic!

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