New language…

Today is the day we get trained on Courtney’s new talker. Today is the last day of her old talker. No big deal, right? But it is a big deal! After Today, I’m taking Courtney’s ability to speak away. After today, I’m handing her a new language and have to teach her again how to talk. Fortunately she already knows the function of language this time but still, it’s kinda a big deal. Wish us luck!

2 thoughts on “New language…

  1. I remember from one of my Masters aug com lectures, the hardest thing to teach is the understanding that this whatever will allow me to communicate. She’s got that. It will be a process but she will get it. You’ve got this!!!


  2. It is a huge part of learning a system so that is definitely on our side. She knows now that those are her words and her way to get things she wants. Like most kiddos with autism, she also knows a lot more than she wants us to know…LOL. I’m guessing she will catch on quickly.


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