On this day…

Thanks to Facebook, January 19th will alway hold a bittersweet memory. On Facebook, there is a way to look at what you posted on that day in previous year. Sometimes it even just appears on your news feed. As I’m sure many have experienced, sometimes it brings up good memories, sometimes sad and some just bittersweet. Today, January 19th, a post from 3 years showed up on my newsfeed. A very bittersweet post. I posted this adorable video of Courtney standing at the top of our little slide in our basement first saying “cheese” and then singing “Let it Go” at the top of her lungs. If you remember, it was 3 years ago that you could find countless videos of little girls singing Let it Go. There were also countless parodies. So when I took this video, I of course thought it was better than all the rest. What I didn’t know when I took that video is that I was capturing something that I now I wonder if I will ever see again. Something that she no longer can do. So this morning, when this video appeared on my news feed, I had so many feelings. I was grateful that I have this sweet little video. Sad that I don’t see this any more and question if I ever will and mad that she can’t do this anymore. So when I see this video, I do smile with tears in my eyes. I hope some day I hear her something similar to this again but in case I don’t, I will forever hold dear to my heart.

So here is my sweet little Courtney singing her heart out. Best you’ve ever seen, right?

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