Alyssa time…

What does it mean to be a sibling of a child with special needs? For Alyssa, it means being carted around since she was 2 weeks old from one therapy to the next. It means taking naps in the car because a therapy session is during nap time. It means being your sister’s comfort item because she loves the way baby’s hands feel. It means being bit, hit and pinched. It means having to learn how to be the big sister even though you are the little sister.

Alyssa may give us a run for our money as she is embracing the terrible twos (and does a fine job demanding our attention) but she also is one awesome sister. I don’t know what she understands about Courtney. She knows sometimes Courtney doesn’t come to Mom when asked so she will go get Courtney for me. She knows that Courtney uses a talker “her words” to talk. It’s also evident that she loves her big sister unconditionally.

So today is all about the awesome little sister. Today, instead of being carted to therapy, Alyssa is going with her mommy and daddy to Disney on Ice. It’s a princess day for our little princess.

I actually struggled at first that we weren’t taking Courtney. The main reason why we aren’t taking Courtney is because it is not realistic at all to expect her to stay in one place for that long. As much as I knew it would be hard on Courtney and that she won’t know the difference, I felt horrible for not including her on this adventure. When sharing these feelings with one of my sisters, I was reminded that first, families do this all the time. Families of children of the opposite sex will do different things with their kids. I was also reminded that Alyssa needs this special time with us. It’s something we will have to make time for regularly. So..,today is all about our princess! I can’t wait to see her reaction!

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