The beauty of AAC…

One reason why I love working in special education is because each little step is such a huge accomplishment. These kiddos have to work so hard to make these gains. Then you have the children who are non-verbal and you teach them that they too have a voice with the help of a device.

Courtney had speech therapy tonight. This therapist concentrates on working with Courtney and the family in using her talker. The past few sessions he has pulled out a book and has shown us different strategies on how to use the talker with her while reading a book.

Courtney is obsessed with colors these days. So much so that we have even heard her verbalize her colors. Tonight, after her speech therapist left, she pulled out the book, “Brown Bear, Brown Bear”. (Side note…joe and I weren’t home. The nanny was with the girls during this time.) After reading the book with Courtney, Savannah then put the talker in front of her. Courtney went through the book identifying the colors using her talker.

Savannah shares this beautiful video with me. I had tears rolling down my face as I watched the beautiful video. Nothing like seeing your daughter find her voice!

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