Not just inch-stones

I’ve mentioned several times that sometimes progress is slow when it comes to milestones and goals with children with autism. In one of my blog posts, a friend called it “inch-stones” instead of mile stones. I love that phrase…”inch-stones”. Describes it perfectly. I feel Courtney’s “inch-stones” are not just “inch-stones” as of lately. These are some big jumps! Words can’t even describe the emotions I feel as I watch her progress. As I have shared in more recent posts, she is saying her colors and letters and the other day she was looking at a number puzzle and identifying numbers 1-10! She is VERBALLY labeling more and more and it is so beautiful to hear!

One of the biggest red flags Courtney showed that lead me to believe she had Autism was her inability to respond to her name and simple one step directions. She also had very little to no imitation skills. Skills that are so important in development and come rather early. At the age of 3 she didn’t have these skills! Well not only is she imitating motor movements now, she is following some 1 step motor commands! Check out this awesome video! I am one proud mommy!

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