Limes, Oranges and Nut Milk, Oh My!!!

I love how the photograph of this big moment includes her T-shirt that says “Till All the Pieces Fit” since feeding is a huge part of Courtney’s puzzle and we are slowly but surely making that piece fit in the puzzle!

Let’s start with nut milk. We found out from an allergist that Courtney has a sensitivity to dairy just as I’ve suspected. We took lactose out of her diet a while ago but actual dairy is different. Milk that is lactose free still includes the milk protein. Allergy testing showed it was a slight sensitivity so some people said making the big switch to dairy free may not be worth the fight because with the slight sensitivity we may not see any difference. After a lot of back and forth I decided we were going to bite the bullet. Since she is a HUGE milk drinker and can be picky about the slightest change in taste in her food I was worried it would be a hard transition. She proved us wrong! A huge thanks to my nanny who had faith in our little girl and convinced me to try. After a couple weeks of dairy free, I have seen a huge difference in her bloating! Did you know Courtney has a rib cage?!

Now for the limes and oranges. Courtney loves to play with whole fruits and vegetables. She will take them and feel them both with her hands and lips. Today her therapist decided to cut the lime she was playing with and she started mouthing it! I wasn’t home so of course this lead to the following exchange between my nanny and I…

Well, she cut up an orange and sure enough she started mouthing that too. No bites but mouthing cut up fruits gives you so much taste so that is HUGE!!!

Can’t help but wonder if this increase in trying new things is because she feels better now that she’s not drinking a crap load of milk that was upsetting her tummy.

Her allergy test showed a very slight sensitivity to wheat. So…do we dare try gluten free? I do believe that will be a harder change to tackle. Stay tuned for that decision. In the mean time…


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