Joe and I attended a presentation on an organization that helps provide respite in different ways to parent who have children/adults with special needs. The presenter talked about how it’s common for these families to actually lose friends and family over time because of their child with special needs. She asked if that was true for any of us attending the presentation. Honestly, it’s the complete opposite for us. Our support system has done nothing but grow since Courtney’s diagnosis and couldn’t be more appreciative.

I certainly felt the support this past week. Several have asked how Courtney’s IEP went on Thursday. It went well. They couldn’t talk enough about the explosion of progress she has been making the past two months. It was so great to hear. The areas she is taking off in are the areas that she is being taught 1-1 and also receives 15 hours of therapy working on the same things. What we also heard is she still needs adult assistance to be a part of the blended part of her day. She needs someone to help her transition and be a part of group activities. I’m not surprised by this and it doesn’t bother me that she needs this. My problem is, In my personal opinion, they are restricting her more by this placement. It is my belief that putting a child in a less restrictive environment with 1-1 assistance is actually more restrictive than putting a child in an environment that is more conducive to their learning style and don’t need as much assistance to participate. If she needs that much assistance to be a part of the class, is it truly an appropriate placement? Our advocate said it best. “Courtney is a class of 1 in a class of 12”. She’s not truly a part of the class.

She’s progressing and we couldn’t be happier. We expressed our continued concerns but will continue with same placement as next year because of it being the only option.

I am so proud of the progress Courtney is making. Seeing this explosion the past 2 months have been amazing. And actually I give a lot of the credit to the elimination of dairy in her diet!

The best comment this week came today and came from a family member. My brother and his wife watched the girls about 2 weeks ago. My sister in law said to me today that she was telling my brother that Courtney seemed different. She seemed happier, more connected and more verbal. Hearing that from someone who doesn’t see her day in and day out just meant the world to me. Thank you, Amy!

Thank you to all of you for being an awesome support system! You are huge part of this journey and can’t do it without you!

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