Family Therapy…

For a while now, I’ve been researching therapeutic horseback riding for Courtney. I was looking a place that not only worked with Courtney but a place where Alyssa could also take riding lessons. Growing up, I loved playing sports and doing different activities with my younger sister and wanted to find something for them to enjoy together.

I was so excited when I found Ms. Christine and Hands, Hooves and Hope Ranch. It was exactly what I was looking for. A kind and patient lady with beautiful horses ready to work with not only both girls, but me too!

There is no pressure at therapy. Alyssa got on the pony the first session. Now 4 sessions in, she looks like a pro. She asks all week long, “go see my Bumble (the pony’s name)?” Courtney is still very uncertain about the horses and has yet to get on but each session she’s becoming more comfortable around them. One of the sessions we even heard her say Bumble!

It was during today’s session when Joe and I watched Alyssa sit so proudly on the horse and Courtney contently walking and petting the horse that I felt how therapeutic this is going to be every week. The 4 of us are doing something as a family. After a stressful and busy week, I was relaxed and couldn’t be happier!

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