what you see in this picture is baby food in a pouch, animal crackers, slim jim and sand. These are the items that Courtney has eaten today. 5 pouches, a few animal crackers, a slim Jim and a hand full of sand. Yep, a handful of sand!!!!! If it were up to her, this is all she would eat. So my 4 1/2 yr old eats baby food and sand!

Her language is taking off but sometimes what happens in development is when one area hits a spurt, another area regresses. So as Courtney’s language has taken off, feeding has regressed. She receives feeding therapy once a week and for the past month she has had a meltdown when the therapist just walks her down the hallway towards the kitchen at the clinic let alone actually work on trying new foods.

Working on feeding with problem eaters is such a delicate process. It’s so much more than if they are hungry enough they will eat. Honestly? Courtney wouldn’t. It is so important to make sure there is no anxiety around food so for now, I’ll be happy that at least the baby food in a pouch is healthy! It could be worse! The sand though?!?! Really Courtney, sand?!?!

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