I find a sleeping toddler so beautiful to watch. They look so carefree and innocent. You can’t help but watch and wonder what is going through their little head as they sleep. Since I have to put Courtney to sleep in my bed, I have these few minutes after she falls asleep to when I move her to her bed where I just lie next to her and watch her. A lot of nights I look at her and whisper, “we did it, we survived another day”. As I’m sure many parents feel, sometimes you just hope you get through the day without anyone getting hurt. Sounds bad but it’s the truth, right?

For me, I sometimes say to myself, “let’s just get through the day without me losing one of them or one of them getting hurt”. Today I got a text that scared me to death. Courtney has figured out how to open the front door and now that the weather is nice, she seems to think she can decide when she can go outside to run around. Today, our nanny had the front door open like we always do when we are expecting a therapist to arrive. Courtney likes to escape to upstairs and she will do it in a split second. So today she did her usual disappearing act and as our was about to go look for her upstairs, she suddenly saw Courtney running in our back yard. We have a hard time keeping Courtney in our own yard when we are outside playing so of course I briefly let myself think about all the things that could have happened. Nothing happened though, everyone is safe and I don’t blame anyone. But I promise you, I have now researched every possible way to make sure this doesn’t happen again!

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