Horse Therapy Success!

Ok, so truth be told, I wanted Courtney to have therapeutic horse riding so I can spend time with my favorite animal. I’m taking lessons right along with them and loving every minute. Truly therapeutic for me!

Though there is another reason why I actually decided to join in on the lesson and today was the day it paid off! After a couple lessons, Ms. Christine let Courtney get on the horse with me. Folks, she rode the horse today!

Ms. Christine and her friends moved to a different ranch last week and this new home appears to be a better fit for Courtney. She seemed at ease from the get go. When given a brush, Courtney actually brushed the horse without any resistance!

I love how quickly Ms. Christine has gotten to know both girls and their needs. She has no problem handling Alyssa’s sassiness with patience and consistency while handling Courtney’s fears and sensory issues so gently and understanding. She is so encouraging with both of them throughout their session.

Alyssa showed resistance today. Though the stacks were against her. Her favorite pony, Bumble wasn’t there today so she had to work with the big horse Capone. She’s also going through a phase where she is exhibiting a HUGE phobia of bugs/flies and there were a few of those around today. So…I got to go on first and Courtney got to “help” walk Capone while I rode him. After sometime of her happily walking the horse, it was my time to just ride. It truly is just as therapeutic for me as it is for Courtney. I’m so relaxed during my session. During that time the only thing that is on my mind is that horse and how to get him to do what I want him to do. Not an ounce of stress!!!

Ms. Christine tried to convince Alyssa to get on Capone with me but she wouldn’t have it. Since she seemed to think I was ready to ride with Alyssa, I asked if we could try Courtney today even if it was putting her up with me and taking her right down. Courtney will whine if she has to do something she doesn’t like but if she is truly fearful of something, you can see her whole body tense up. She was just whining when put on the horse with me with some intermittent smiles so we decided to keep pushing. Her boots fell off when we put her on. When shoes come off so do socks. Courtney loves exploring textures through her feet so I immediately felt this could help and Ms Christine was ok with it. Whenever Courtney started to whine I had her rub her feet on Capone and it definitely helped calm her.

I was on cloud nine as I held and encouraged her through 2 laps around the arena. I was so incredibly proud! She did it! We did it! Thank you Ms. Christine and Capone for making it such a fantastic day!

Bumble, Alyssa hopes you are back soon!

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