Growth as a family…

This photo came up on my Facebook memories. It was from two years ago today. It was the day of Courtney’s evaluation at what’s now her preschool. Unexpectedly this picture hit me like a ton of bricks today. The emotions poured out. More so than that actual day. On that day I knew what the evaluation team was going to see and determine. I was prepared for it. In fact I needed that day because at this point there were still loved ones that I needed to convince that we were on an autism journey with Courtney. Loved ones including her dad.

As a family we have come such a long way since this day. We have learned to accept her limitations and celebrate her differences and strengths. We have learned that our Autism Journey is our normal. It may not be someone else’s normal but it’s ours and we love it. There are many days in the past two years where I was stressed, frustrated, and angry about different parts of this journey but all I needed was to see Courtney’s smile or hear her voice and those emotions disappeared. The emotion I feel the most is proud. I am so proud of our little family!

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