Grandma and Grandpa and cousin time…

The girls and I always spend Thursday evenings at my parent’s house. My mom use to watch the girls during the day and that is not possible any more. I want them to have a good relationship with their grandma and grandpa along with my sister and her family who also live there.

As I’ve mentioned before, the evening usually consists of Alyssa playing with her cousins while Courtney plays/climbs in a different room. Now that it’s nice outside, you will also find all the kids outside but usually Courtney is still doing her own thing. They have one of those big trampolines in their back yard which Courtney LOVES to play on. This Thursday that trampoline became my favorite equipment. The trampoline brought all 4 kids together. For 20 minutes, I watched them all jumping together and having just the best time. My heart was full! Unfortunately I didn’t get a picture of the awesome moment.

I did get a few pictures of another awesome moment. Before my mom became a full time Grandma/Nanny, she taught preschoolers with autism. Her job was her life. You will never meet such a devoted teacher as her. She loved her students like they were her own. You can tell it was so hard on her to make the decision to retire even though it meant she got to watch her grandchildren. I’m pretty sure Courtney holds a special place in her Grandma’s heart because Courtney brings her two favorite things together…grandchildren and autism. If it were feasible, I’m pretty sure she would love to be her personal teacher. When we were there this Thursday, Courtney got into markers. Courtney LOVES labeling colors. My mom and her spent several minutes just labeling the colors of the markers. Pretty sure my mom was on cloud nine during this special time with Courtney.

It was such an awesome Thursday! I love that the girls enjoy our time there and that I can still make it work in our crazy schedule.

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