Just 5 minutes…

Dear Courtney,

Can I have just 5 minutes in your head? Maybe, just maybe it will help me make life a little easier for you.

Those 5 minutes could possibly tell me why the sound of running water and vacuum cleaners sends your sensory system on high alert.

Maybe those 5 minutes can explain why you get so frustrated that you bite yourself.

If I had 5 minutes in your head, maybe it will help me understand why it’s so hard for you to fall asleep at night.

I would have loved 5 minutes in your head this morning. It may have given me insight of why you didn’t want to eat and you couldn’t tolerate therapy.

What’s going on in your head when you are in the midst of a repetitive play scheme? When you take one of your Brown Bear or frozen figurines, walk a lap around the family room, jibber jabber some sort of script and then repeat with the next figurine? Can I take a sneak peak then?

I feel a simple 5 minutes in your head can tell me so much. I’m sure no where near enough though. But until I can get those 5 minutes, I will continue to do my best to guess what is going on in your head. And if I can’t figure it out, know that no matter what you do, I will always love you.

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