I’ve got this…

Nearly 5 years ago we brought our sweet little Courtney home from the hospital. I was a ball of emotions that day. The books don’t prepare you for the emotional roller coaster you go through at the beginning. I kept breaking into tears. I vividly remember my older sister calling me that first night home and right after she asked how I was doing I became an uncontrollable sobbing mess. Some how in between the sobs I was able to tell her that The hospital sends you home with this tiny human being trusting you will know what to do. I suddenly had no clue. My sister , mother of 5 boys, reassured me by telling me she had the same emotions bringing home her boys. I decided to trust her in knowing that I had this.

Nearly 5 years later, as I put Courtney, my non-verbal 4 year old with autism, on the bus for her last day of summer school and then watch my little 2 year old miracle child sit on the bottom step putting her own shoes on, I broke into tears again. (For the trillionth time since that night when I first brought her home.)

Ok, Cheri, you were right. I’ve got this. I’ve got this motherhood thing down. Don’t worry, I know the ups and downs of parenting has just begun, but I’ve got this.

A little shout out to both of my sweethearts…Courtney, I’m so proud of you for handling summer school like a champ. I don’t give you a break. Most kids at your age get to enjoy a couple of months of summer. You get 1 month and even then, half of that month will be spent in hours upon hours of play therapy. Alyssa, I’m in awe of your strong personality every day. You are such an awesome little sister to Courtney and a joy to be with all day (even during your tantrums). I’m so proud of how you are handling your health issues as we figure out your food allergies. Girls…we’ve got this!

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