Ready, Set…GO!

Back in March when we first met Ms. Christine, she made sure to explain that she doesn’t force the children to get on the horse. I knew that was the gentleness Courtney was going to need for horse therapy to be successful. Several sessions later (a few including a lot of tears) I questioned if she would ever get on the horse. I loved spending the time together as a family and I was able to see Courtney’s comfort with Bumble growing so I kept trusting that the day would come.

As I have shared, that day came finally in June and since then, Saturday’s at Hands, Hooves and Hope Ranch have quickly become my family’s favorite time of the week. We’ve gone from wondering if we will get through the session without tears to will she ride Bumble again today to which girl will want to get on first. Courtney’s eagerness today was beautiful! I got her out of the car and she immediately left my side and quickly headed towards the stable. She greeted one of the volunteers with her giggles and was ready to start. It melted my heart after the tough two weeks we’ve had.

Horse therapy isn’t just about getting her comfortable with Bumble now. BOTH girls are working on getting Bumble to go and stop. Ms. Christine is teaching Courtney to either tap Bumble or to verbally say, “go”. Each session it takes less and less to get Courtney to say, “go”. I love hearing her use that sweet little voice of hers to communicate. We didn’t get it n video, but today she even told Bumble to stop!

I am so glad I let myself trust Ms. Christine that this comfort level would eventually for Courtney. Can’t imagine the joy we would have missed out on if I gave up months ago.

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