All smiles…

It was an all smiles type of day today. A type of day we haven’t seen in al most 6 weeks. A day with no painful cries. A day with no biting. A day with no meltdowns. A day that was full of happy chitter chatter and smiles. Today, from beginning to end, she just seemed happy and content.

It was so good to see my little girl again today. I’ll be honest, I was still on edge today. I cautiously enjoyed her happiness as I waited a meltdown. I hate that I spent the day awaiting a meltdown but it was hard not to after the weeks we have had. It was becoming routine for Courtney to have a couple severe meltdowns a day. She had one yesterday so made perfect sense to expect one today. So relieved I was cautious for nothing.

We still are unsure what has been wrong with Courtney. The doctors at the pediatrician’s office ruled out a reoccurring UTI and pretty much sent us on our way. We finally found both a new pediatrician and a urologist that are going to help us figure it out. I was so relieved to find these two doctors. They were so supportive of Courtney’s needs and didn’t make me feel like I was losing my mind. At this point they think the UTI that she did have has lead her to have a fear of urinating because of how painful it was when she had the UTI. So her meltdowns that look like she’s in pain are really her fearfully trying not to pee. Before they say for sure this is what is going n, they want to rule out a few things. Today makes me cautiously hopeful that we are past whatever it was before our questions were answered but if today was just a fluke, we hope to soon have answers. For now, I will enjoy every smile she gives us.

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