Still struggling…

It was five years ago that Joe and I were still trying to adjust to being parents. It was about this time 5 years ago that we were trying to get through Courtney’s colicky days. It was so difficult as brand new parents to watch this tiny human being that you were suppose to be able to care for just cry hours upon hours with absolutely no way to communicate why. Five years later we still have this little girl who is unable to communicate discomfort in any other way but crying.

The past 6 weeks have slightly reminded me of her colicky newborn days. Fortunately it has not been entire evenings of unconsolable crying like it was 5 years ago but it has been frequent episodes of unconsolable crying through out the day. It kills me that she has been suffering on and off for this long and I have not been able to fix it. Several phone calls from school and therapists, several dr appointments, more phone calls to drs than I can count, several urine tests and no answers. Monday we finally have an appointment that will hopefully lead us to some answers. She will have an ultrasound of her kidney. For a typical 5 year old it may not be too bad of a process but for Courtney (and me), it will not be easy. Hopefully we will make it through the test with limited bite marks.

Tonight I cuddled next to Courtney as she fell asleep so thankful for a good weekend after a very tough Friday. Thankful that we found a specialist willing to do more than a urine test. Frustrated that she’s been going through this for 6 weeks and unable to help her. Unsure and worried about what we will find out tomorrow.

So Team Courtney…keep my brave little girl in your thoughts and hope that we get some answers soon.

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