Pixie dust…it’s truly magical!

Disney world with two kids 5 and under at Christmas time? Are you nuts? Wait, one has autism? Yep, you are truly nuts! Pretty sure most people have wanted to say that me once I started mentioning our plans. And, there have moments so far that I actually think those who think that are right. Moments where I watch Courtney get overstimulated to the point of almost breaking skin while biting herself (picture captured of this moment). Moments where I actually found myself thinking let’s just go home as I drove in circles at the hotel parking lot because the hotel room is just too different for her. Amazing.y enough, Alyssa puking as we left for the airport was not one of these moments!

Those who have never been to Disney or may not know about the true magic that happens there. You may hear about it and think…magic? Whatever. It’s an overpriced theme park that steals your money. People talk about how it’s like pixie dust gets sprinkled over you while at Disney. They say it because it’s true.

The moment was so clear of for us when that pixie dust was sprinkled. Goofy had visited our table at a moment that Courtney was so overstimulated. Because of that he moved on to the next table. Other characters stopped by. She wasn’t too keen on them either. Alyssa was of course cautiously soaking in all the fun as the characters visited. Courtney finally calmed down and are meal was over. We can tell Goofy was making his rounds again so we decided to wait. We are so glad we did.

Maybe if we got a special magnifying glass we can see the pixie dust in the pictures with Goofy. Maybe the dust was on his nose. As joe was snapping pictures trying not to miss a second of the magic, we looked at each other and you can tell we were both holding back the happy tears. Both of their smiles and giggles as that silly dog interacted with them was priceless. Will they remember that moment? I’m not sure. But joe and I will.

Disney is a tough place for Courtney. There were more moments where I asked if we should ever do this again. The thing is, Courtney has a sister who should get to experience Disney. And now that I’ve seen this magic a few times, if we are patient, the pixie dust will scatter down on Courtney and she too will be able to relax enough to enjoy it.

Best Christmas Ever!

4 thoughts on “Pixie dust…it’s truly magical!

  1. This is the sweetest! It looks like you all had such a fun time. Did Courtney start to enjoy herself towards the end of the trip? She’s so cute!


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