Letter to the lady at the candle light procession…

To the wonderful lady at the Candle Light Procession at Epcot,

Thank you! Thank you from the bottom of our heart!

Thank you for making room for our double stroller so we can enjoy a prime standing room only spot. But that wasn’t all you did when you offered us that spot. You quickly became an extra hand. Not just any extra hand. An extra hand that accepted all that comes with helping us.

We had a moment to share our background as we waited for the concert to start. What I didn’t share is my family can’t do shows because sitting still is just too hard for Courtney. In fact, she barely made it through a 25 minute sing along of Frozen and didn’t make it through a 10 minute Monster’s Inc show this trip.

As she touched your hands and put her feet on you, I explained how she loves to feel things. Didn’t bother you at all. In fact, your words were, “I’m fine with it as long as you are”. What I didn’t tell you is how hard lines have been even with a disability pass because she is so touchy-feely. I didn’t tell you how many times I had to say to people this trip while waiting in line, “sorry she is so touchy-feely” as she touched those standing by us. (Fortunately no one seemed to mind.)

I did share with you that my biggest fear in crowds is that she can pinch or bite. That didn’t turn you away. In fact, you held her hand and anytime she tried to pinch, you just gently reminded her to have nice hands. So not only were my husband and I able to watch this 30 minute concert, we were able to let our guard down just a little bit. If only you knew how high alert I’ve needed to be on this trip. Even while we were on high alert, Courtney still managed to bite one princess and pinch a few other characters and cast members.

You may have just popped into our lives for 30 minutes, but I will forever remember how you almost made it your mission to make sure we got to watch the whole procession. You made it possible for us to cap off our magical 5 days in such a beautiful way.

Oh wait, I didn’t share with you how my husband and I attended this candle light procession just over 6 years ago as part of our honeymoon. When planning this years trip I wanted to make sure we had tickets to the procession but my husband reminded me how it wasn’t possible with Courtney. You, a stranger, made it possible.

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