Even Super Moms break…

I’ve been called “super mom” by others. Not always sure how to respond to that phrase because honestly, I’m just doing my job. Though with that said, I do use that compliment to keep me going.

The problem is, when I think about the phrase, “super mom”, I think of super heroes. And to me super heroes can do it all and are unbreakable.

Well I broke yesterday so therefore, I am no super mom.

Don’t worry, I was only that hard on myself for about 30 minutes. But it happened. I broke. I let the exhaustion from an amazing trip to Disney, the stress of being an autism mom, and just the regular stress of being a working mom of 2 finally get to me.

It was Courtney scratching me that finally caused me to break. An act that she really doesn’t have much control of at this point. She scratches when she is trying to communicate frustration, pain or over stimulation. When you don’t have the words to express this can you blame her? But as the receiver of the aggression or as the one making sure she doesn’t go after others, it can wear on you. In fact, it can break you.

I cried and cried hard. Alyssa even asked what was wrong. But I think sometimes these moments are needed. How does the saying go? “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” I gave myself that moment of ugly crying. I kissed my girls and reminded them that I loved them. So super moms do break.

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