New Year’s Resolution…

I workout at LifeTime Fitness regularly. A couple days a week I do an early morning workout there. Today was the first time back at my early morning routine since before Christmas. As I do every time this year, I noticed there were double the amount of people at the center than there usually is. New Year’s Resolution time! And as the weeks go by, that number will slowly decrease as people start breaking their resolutions.

I’ve made many New Year’s Resolutions over the years. Most I didn’t stick with, but a few I did. For many years now I’ve decided not to because honestly, what’s the purpose? We just break them in the end. I made one this year. A very important one and one I will do everything in my power to stick to.

Over the past several months we have seen regression in Courtney’s ability and or willingness to communicate with her talker. Not surprising with all the medical issues she was having. Surprised or not, it still breaks my heart. To teach baby’s to talk you model by speaking in their language to them. So for Courtney, I have to speak to her and show her how to speak using her talker. It is easier said than done and I don’t use her talker nearly as much as I should. So my New Years Resolution is to use it more. If I expect her to use it then I need to use it. This is one resolution I don’t intend to break!

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