Big progress updates…

Courtney’s struggles with all self help skills. She struggles feeding herself, putting close on and off, bathing, brushing teeth, washing hands and the biggest one being using the toilet.

In the past week or so, we have made some gains in a few of these areas which is HUGE! I worry all the time just how dependent she is going to be of me so any time we make any growth in the areas of self help I feel a small sense of relief.

Well, she has made some gains recently!!!! She is really doing well feeding herself. It’s been hard to work on this one because she doesn’t eat many foods that require a fork or spoon. Watching her feed herself cereal and milk with little mess makes my heart happy! We stopped eating the same time as the girls PARTLY because one of us had to help Courtney eat.

The other self help skill she is making gains on is dressing herself! I think as parents we take for granted how helpful it is when they become independent in some of these skills. She is far from independent but she’s progressing and I am celebrating!

She has made big gains in one other area. This one is the big one. We were so far (and still far) from being independent in this area that I was losing hope she would ever get it. Folks…we are back to potty training! We have tried a few times but each time we took huge steps backwards. We have spent the last year deathly afraid of not only public bathrooms but the bathroom in our own house. This was paralyzing especially when in public. I was resorting to finding private spots even though out in public. It’s one thing for a baby to be changed out in public but a 5 year old girl? I was humiliated for her! We slowly started working on her fear of our bathroom. As of a month or so ago, we conquered our bathroom! We were getting her to sit on the toilet once or twice a day and even a few times she actually went!

This excitement was quickly crushed when I found out from her teacher that they were using dividers and a changing pad to make a private spot in the class to change her because it was so hard to get her in the bathroom there. Well that was it, my daughter was going to be in diapers for life.

Fortunately her school team, home team and private clinic team didn’t have the same negative attitude as I did. They cautiously started pushing her more to go in the bathroom at school or the clinic. I asked them to be delicate about it because of our past regressions when trying. After just a short time I started receiving updates such as “we got her to step in the bathroom”, “we got her to put her hand under the running the water”, “she tolerated playing with her favorite toy in the bathroom”, to “SHE SAT ON THE TOILET TODAY”. Maybe, just maybe we will be able to potty train her!

So wish us luck as we slowly increase our expectations in this area. We are still so far from saying she is potty trained. I continue to be afraid to get my hopes up in fear of disappointment but I’m at the point where I will allow myself to be cautiously optimistic.

(Just has to share a picture of her in the washing machine.)

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