We have this crazy streak going on. A streak that is so unheard of for Courtney that I can honestly say this is a first. A streak that I’m afraid to talk about in fear of jinxing it even though I am not superstitious what so ever. So as you read about this streak, humor me and knock on some wood.

Courtney has been a bad sleeper since day 1. Alyssa started sleeping through the night before she night. The awful part about Courtney’s middle of the night wake ups is she is up for hours. She sleeps through the night now, but the bigger problem is getting her to fall asleep. Most nights it can take anywhere from an hour to two hours to get her to sleep. She needs me by her side for this process so this makes it impossible for me to accomplish anything at night. We started using melatonin to help get her down, which would help but she would go through these screaming fits right before she would go to sleep any time we gave it to her.

So now that we are going on almost a week straight of her falling asleep before 8:45 p.m., no fight, no melatonin, my first thought was she must be sick. A WEEK STRAIGHT!!! And one night she fell asleep before 8:30 even after taking a 45 minute nap. A 5-10 minute nap usually means a 11 p.m. bedtime even with melatonin. I am not getting my hopes up at all that this is our new norm, but boy is it nice to not have to fight her falling asleep right now. Now go knock on some wood!

Side note…I’m sure some are looking at this picture wondering if she sleeps with the headphones on. Courtney still wears her headphones 95% of the day. She even needs them on when trying to fall asleep. I take them off once she is fully asleep. To give you a sense how dependent she is on the headphones…when I take them off her while she is sleeping, her hands immediately go on her ears.

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