Potty training update…

I’m trying so hard not to get frustrated with the potty training process but that is easier said than done. So how is it going?

We have gotten everyone on board with taking Courtney to the bathroom frequently. We are taking her every 30-45 minutes. We still have her in pull-ups during this phase. Why aren’t we trying underwear yet? Honestly, I don’t think she has that awareness yet. Took her diaper off to change her one day and she just peed while standing there. Clearly not aware.

So, progress…

For her, the progress is huge considering where she was last year at this time. Last year she had such a strong aversion to bathrooms that getting her near one causes a lot of aggression. Just this fall school has to come up with an alternative spot to change diapers because they couldn’t get her to step foot in the one there. So the fact that we are getting her to go in the bathroom with little to know resistance is a HUGE celebration. And she is going on the potty! Again, celebration!

Two huge celebrations, so why did I say I was getting frustrated? Basically because I feel it is luck that she goes on the potty. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve taken her and then 5 minutes after she’s off the toilet she pees in her diaper. I’m well aware that this is how potty training works but then comes the reminder that we are at this beginning stage at the age of 6 not at the age of 2 1/2 like most children. Cognitively she still doesn’t understand concepts like wet or dry. She doesn’t even understand the idea of if you stay dry you get a reward. So I can’t help wonder if we will ever get her trained. I know, bad attitude.

In my line of work I know it is completely possible to potty train a child with autism. Some do learn the whole idea of when you feel you have to go you use the bathroom. Some are what we call “time trained” where basically you just take them on a set schedule. We aren’t there yet but I need to remember that doesn’t mean we won’t get there.

Like everything with autism, this will take time, energy and patience. I’m going to stay positive that she will gain this independence. Until then, we will keep plugging away.

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