Winter break…

The mom in me says “cheers to the end of winter break! We made it!”

The teacher in me says “crap, winter break is over and I don’t feel rested at all!”

I vented yesterday on another autism mom’s post that it was a rough break. Both girls and husband had nasty colds and Alyssa had an ear infection. It made all three of them a little more irritable. Courtney was just off. The less structure caused her to either be extremely hyper or agitated most days. You can tell she was confused when her therapies were at different times. Sleep? That is what was effected the most during this break. She is spending less time in her bed and more time in mine. Needless to say, I’m going to back to work with my class of children on the spectrum more exhausted than before.

In all honesty though, it wasn’t all that bad. This Christmas season, both before break and during, our family did so many things to celebrate. I felt this year was the first year we truly started what we hope to become family traditions. I also felt it was the first year I truly saw Christmas come alive for Alyssa. Watching the fun she had with Twink (Christmas elf that was passed down from when I was a child) absolutely made my Christmas. It is hard to see how little connection Courtney has to it all but I think I’m getting better at not letting it ruin my Christmas.

So though it was a rough winter break, it was also a wonderful one. But…time to go back to reality!

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