Our new accessory…

I shared in a recent post that Courtney wondered out of the house and was missing long enough for the police to be called. The positive part of this awful incident was learning about a program that the city we live in has. As of Wednesday, Courtney is officially a part of the program. On her ankle you will see a transponder that she will wear 24/7. If she were to ever go missing in our town, the caregiver is to call 911 and tell them a fastrack client is missing. Police will then come to the location she was last seen with equipment. This equipment sends out signals to her transponder and in return the police will be able to see where she is located.

It was hard to get it on her at first but she is now tolerating it. We will probably look into a GPS at some point since that will work wherever we are but until then, we are glad we have this peace of mind at home.

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