Surviving THE break…

Back when we were on Winter Break I blogged about how difficult breaks are for Courtney (and others with autism). During breaks there are changes in routines and less structure. A lot of different behaviors became a part of our life during winter break that we just recently felt like we recovered from. (Though Courtney is still sleeping in my bed.) Though it was a fun break it was also a tough break.

Well…here we are again. An unexpected and possibly very lengthy break. This break brings on additional challenges. Not only is she without school for several weeks but she could end up without therapies. Let’s just say Im just as concerned about the possible regression Courtney will make (and my sanity) as I am about catching this virus.

How am I going to make sure I don’t lose my sanity (who am I kidding, I lost that awhile ago) during this pandemic? I’m going to attempt to blog more. I’m going to share the ups and downs of being “locked up” with a husband going on serious sports withdrawal, a 6 year old with autism and a 4 year old “teenager”.

Until the next post….stay healthy all. And if you are another parent like me…good luck, we’ve got this!

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