Surviving THE break….3/15/20

In trying to figure out how I wanted to go about blogging during this crazy time I decided to follow suit of a favorite podcast of mine #themamabearpodcast. She ends each episode asking her guest three questions; are they sleeping, what was a defeat, and what was a win. I’m going to focus on 2 points for each of my posts. 1. What were the highlights of the day. 2. What were the low points of the day. Here we go!

The low points… I don’t want to dwell on the low points but I do think it is important to share why a time like this can be extra difficult for families with children with special needs. Meltdowns were had today by not only Courtney but me too. The two hardest ones happened in the car. We left the house to get lunch via drive thru at our two favorite places; Panera and McDonald’s. This is not our normal Sunday routine and Courtney knew that and therefore protested on and off. When we got back home with our food she cried about being home. She refused to get out of the car. It took me 10 minutes to literally pry her out of the car. She is as strong as on Ox, folks!

The other low point was at bedtime. Courtney insisted on leaving the house so I put her on the car and we drove around. Seeing her cry broke my heart. So early on in this break and she already is so confused. It just broke my heart.

The high points…one of the best parts of the day happened in the same car ride I said was a low point. Courtney kept ctying during the car ride at lunch time. At one point Alyssa says, “don’t cry Courtney. Here you can hold my hand.” When we stopped at the light I looked back and saw them holding hands. Oh Alyssa, you are wiser than your years and mommy loves you!

My other high point was receiving a text from one of Courtney’s therapists. A simple text asking how we were holding up. It came right after the car ride at bed time. It came just when I needed it. She proceeded to let me vent via text and shared some suggestions on how to help both girls through this break. Folks, the therapists we see aren’t just therapists. They become family. This particular one has been part of our team since Courtney was 2. Her check in meant the world to me. Thank you, S.T.! Love ya!

There really was a lot of other fun moments. We played, we went for a walk, I did a family FaceTime and actually sat on the couch for a few minutes. We will get through this!

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