Surviving THE break…3/16/20

Today, in the world of COVID-19, we don’t have school, we can’t go eat at a restaurant, we can’t workout at our favorite gym, and my 9 siblings and I are officially too many people for a gathering. I think the hardest part of all of this is the unknown of how long it will last.

Today is technically the first day of school closing. Tomorrow our district starts e-learning. So starting tomorrow I’m going to try to keep somewhat of a schedule with the girls so we feel some sense of control during this scary time. What well that schedule look like? It’s still to be determined. How is it that I do this for a living yet when I’m home and expected to do it with my own children, I’m beyond overwhelmed?

Today’s low points…I decided today was the day that I talked to Alyssa about all that is going on. Courtney’s teacher actually shared a social story about the virus that is geared towards little children or children with special needs. It gives the basic information of what it is and why we will be off school. I was really nervous about this since Alyssa gets very anxious whenever you talk about Illnesses. As soon as the story mentioned the symptoms she started to panic and insisted I stopped reading. We did end up getting through the story and then we went on with our day. What was really difficult was hearing Alyssa ask to see her cousins. I explained to her why we couldn’t and she broke out into tears saying, “I’m not sick, I want to see them.” It broke my heart.

High points…it really was a good day. I felt like I was able to keep them busy and fun was had while doing it. One of my sisters shared with me a post she saw on Instagram. It’s an at home bucket list for kids. It’s a lost of ideas of fun things you can do at home. I decided to print it off and pick one thing to do off of it. Our fun thing today was water fun in the tub. They put their suits on and we played in the tub. They had a blast and they were having fun TOGETHER! It was truly priceless. I’ve decided I’m going to take as many pictures as I can during these few weeks and then make a photo album of it. Years from now we will look back and look at how much fun we had during such a scary time.

I want to end with a tip to those with family members you can’t see during this time. Find a way to video chat! A few of my family members have done it the past could days. It’s such a fun way to still spend time with your loved ones while practicing social distancing. It is probably what will get me through this.

Hope everyone is staying healthy!

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