Alyssas’s drawings…

A break from how we are surviving over here because honestly…it’s by a thread. Tonight it’s about two drawings by Alyssa.

The first picture is of Courtney. Notice the big “ears”? They aren’t ears though. They are her headphones. When she was drawing this picture Courtney was upset so Alyssa told me she was drawing a picture for her to make her happy. She told me she drew her headphones because that makes her happy.

I went back to trying to help Courtney. Once she was calm Alyssa handed me a new picture. It was the one of two people. I asked her who they were. She told me the smaller one was her and the bigger one was Courtney. She said, “Courtney’s big and she’s helping me because I’m little.”

I had to hold back the tears. See, shortly before this whole moment Alyssa had to play the big sister. She had to help me change Courtney’s diaper. She had to help change her 6 year old sister’s diaper. Courtney was being difficult and I needed her to hold Courtney’s hands so she wouldn’t touch her butt. Hearing her emphasize that in her picture Courtney was helping her just hit me. No, she doesn’t have the typical big sister to help her through things and I got emotional about that. But her big sister is teaching her something bigger. Her big sister is teaching her to be one hell of a little human being! That is something only Courtney can teach her.

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