Therapy amidst the virus…

Today was our last session at Courtney’s therapy clinic until further notice. It is not our last therapy session though, thanks to teletherepy. I still cried. I cried tears of fear, anxiety, frustration, sadness and gratefulness.

I’m going to put the fear and anxiety aside for this post and make it all about what this clinic means to my family and why

This place has been amazing since the beginning of this pandemic keeping their families updated on the different precautions they were putting in place so they could keep these medically necessary therapies going. Giving families some consistency during this time of such uncertainty. But as of 2:00 pm today. Courtney and another child walked out being the ones to see the therapists in person. I think that’s why I cried.

We’ve been going to this place since Courtney was just weeks old. Several different therapists have helped us through different journeys of ours. The past couple years we’ve been going twice a week. You get to know the amazing staff to the point that they become like family. They’ve watched my girls grow up. Heck, they’ve helped them “grow up”!

But therapy is not put on hold. It will be very different and will take getting use to, but everyone can feel comfortable knowing they are safe in their own home. I will definitely share this new journey of virtual therapy. So stay tuned. But until then, a huge shout out to all those at BDI Playhouse! Thanks for being awesome!

2 thoughts on “Therapy amidst the virus…

  1. I’m a puddle of tears on the floor. Thank you so much for this! What a crazy week of some of greatest acts of kindness I have ever witnessed. The world is a good place. We’ll get through this and we’ll be back having fun in no time. Thank you for your support!! ❤️


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