Surviving THE Break…(3/23/20)

I went into week 2 of this isolation/e-learning/virus from hell state of life we are in with the mindset that I had to do things differently. I had such a negative mental switch last week as I tried to figure out our new normal of no school, less therapies, e- learning for both girls and planning for my own students and I couldn’t repeat it.

After talking to Courtney’s team and my own supervisors and then reading different things on social media I realized that The most important thing at this time is keeping me and my family both physically and emotionally healthy. This photo being shared on Facebook hit home…

What helped with changing my mind shift this week was knowing I was technically on spring break. I also decided that there is something more important than the e-learnings provided by Alyssa’s school. (If any of them are reading this, I greatly appreciate all you have put in too ok the e-learning.) What’s important for Alyssa right now is extra time with her parents and forming a bond with her sister. So…instead of treading through two different e-learning assignments, we are all treading through Courtney’s together as a team. You know what I’m already seeing just after 1 day? Not only is Alyssa helping Courtney but Courtney is helping Alyssa! I am watching them be sisters and peers. I have never been prouder!

I am still so nervous about the uncertainty of this time. We miss spending time with our loved ones. I miss my students and co-workers. We miss our normal schedule. But we’ve gotten through other difficult obstacles and we will get through this one too!

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