Surviving THE Break…welcome to teletherapy (3/25/20)

Last week the governor of Illinois mandated that insurances cover telehealth during this time. In short, telehealth is virtual healthcare including therapy. This is huge for families like us. It makes it so Courtney can continue her private therapies (Speech, Feeding, Occupational and Physical) in the safety of our own home. After having to jump through some additional hoops, it officially started this week!

We’ve had 3 of the 4 therapies already this week and I’m pleasantly surprised on how well Courtney handled it. Though I need to do a shout out to her therapists. YOU ARE AMAZING! Each of these sessions felt like such a workout and I consider myself in shape! Yes, the sessions went well but it took physical work. Chasing her down from another room, hand over hand assistance with some of the tasks, blocking the pinches, scratching and bites, the list goes on. Just another thank you for all those who work with Courtney. I LOVE OUR VILLAGE!

Low point…We are seeing more meltdowns over the change or lack of routine. Last night she had a brutal one around 9:30 pm that lasted until she crashed after 10 pm. We are also seeing extra anxiety out of Alyssa. Such a confusing time.

Highlight…I’m loving watching the girls work on e-learning together. Today we did a shape hunt, Alyssa was SO excited. We got it all set and she started searching for different t shapes around the house. I had to help Courtney but as we did it she started to understand what was expected of her! It was so fun to watch! The best moment was at the end when I took a picture of them both by their collection of shapes. Alyssa has this pose she likes to do. Today when I say cheese, Courtney actually tried to imitate Alyssa! Picture perfect!!!!

Hope all are staying healthy!

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