E-learning has been tough. I am remotely teaching 9 preschoolers with severe special needs while trying to run a household and teaching two girls who need 1 on 1 help to complete their e-learning. Courtney has not enjoyed me being “teacher” at all. Whenever I sit down to work with her either on school stuff or do a teletherapy session with her she will bite herself and bite, pinch or scratch me. As time has gone by I actually have moments where I dread sitting down with her because who really wants to be beat up by their child. But I also don’t want to see the regression this extended time away from school and therapies will cause.

Since this is my profession and we do have a great school team and home team that We are still connected with virtually, I have come up with a few ways to structure up her day. Though it’s still a struggle, I do find the struggle is less on some days.

Today was one of our better days. It probably helped that I didn’t put as much pressure on her but we did still do work. One of the assignments she has to complete every day is talk about things she sees in a picture using her talker or verbalizing. She can be good at labeling when she wants to. Today she apparently wanted to because she was verbally labeling things in a picture. Here is an awesome recording of my little girl actually using her voice to tell me what colors she wanted to color her train! There are no pictures of her because we were using the recording feature on the app that the district is using to send us lessons.

The days are tough but moments like this keep us going.

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