We decided to look into getting a special needs stroller for Courtney. I struggled with this decision because I let myself believe they are only for those who are not mobile and mobility is not a problem for Courtney. That is exactly why we need it though. She is too mobile. It is hard to take her out in public safely because she likes to run off and she’s not one to just hold your hand but she loves when we push her in her stroller. A walk in a stroller has also been helpful in calming her down when she is upset or anxious.

Today we got to try one out. We feel we found the perfect one. It will be pink just like this one! Now we just need to wait to hear if insurance will cover it!

I’m seeing this as a decision to help my family. It will help when I have to take the girls out alone. It will help us continue to brave the different adventures we take as a family. I see it helping Courtney feel safe and included.

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