High and lows…

Today’s highs and lows brought to you by one exhausted and proud autism mom…

Low: Courtney is only wanting to wear pajamas. I know, don’t we all during this time? That’s fine and dandy but we as adults know that some days pjs have to come off and though we won’t like it, without issues we will change. Not the case with Courtney and some kids with autism. Courtney has started aggressively fighting me on changing out of pjs so I am trying to be consistent on making her change everyday. Today I lost at that battle. When I went to change her after a morning bath she insisted on pjs and I gave in.

High: So Courtney insisted on pjs and the ones she chose without her realizing just happened to be short sleeves. That has been another battle these days. She has to have long sleeves on. So mommy win! Yes, she’s in pjs but she is wearing short sleeves. Courtney-1, mommy-1.

Low: a new behavior has creeped up. Suddenly when we aren’t paying attention we will find Courtney running around the house naked. We found out yesterday that this means that she demands playing in the tub right then and there. This is a low because no matter how much I try to structure up her day she really is running the show. This demand for tub time the past few times has not always been at a convenient time. Well this morning when she demanded it, I ended up giving in. I’m an autism teacher, how can I not keep my own child on a routine?! And when she demanded it for a 3rd time today after a therapy session, before I could get the tub filled, she ended up peeing in the family room.

High: What’s the high on the bath issue? This child usually hates baths mostly because the sound of running water. Though she still gets anxious when I’m filling the tub she tolerates it and she is loving being in the bath! She is also starting to tolerate me washing her hair when she’s done playing in the water.

Low: We really have tried to have some type of routine during the day. In the mornings we have been going for a walk and then playing in the backyard. A few times recently she has decided that is not what she wanted to do and she rather a car ride. This child is as strong as an ox and is extremely aggressive. I try so hard to not give in to the behaviors but some times, that is how we get through our day and of course we are seeing it bite us in the butt.

High: So I should add that a few of the times we gave in to her demanding a car ride when we have had other plans is because she has actually verbally requested “car”. VERBALLY!!!! How do you not cave to that?! When it came time for a car ride today, she was so excited. She typically goes in my car. I told her she was going in the white car which is Joe’s. She immediately verbally said, “black” (my car is a dark grey). I said, “no white car”. She then verbally said, “black car”!!!!!! Not only a verbal request which is a new thing for her, but a two word request! Well guess what! Joe pulled his car in and pulled my car out!

So there you go. Again on a day where my family was going to talk about finding the “good”, Courtney showed me that as tough as things are, there are some super good moments too!

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