My little bike rider…

Though Alyssa is my 2nd born, I’m experiencing some of those big milestones a child goes through for the first time with her. One of those milestones being riding a bike. Courtney hasn’t learned the skill of riding a trike let alone a bike. She will get there. Needless to say, I was probably late to the game in getting Alyssa on a bike. Recently her cousin handed down her Frozen bike. We then purchased her a Frozen helmet and training wheels. Today we finally got it all set up. She got on and after some help she suddenly was on her way on her own. That’s when it hit me. Oh my goodness, I’m watching my own child ride a bike for the first time! I was beaming with pride. So was Alyssa as she kept shouting, “I’m doing it, I’m doing it!” So there you have it, I have a bike rider. She is such a go getter that I bet by the end of the summer those training wheels are off. So proud of you, Alyssa!

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