“Mom”…what a beautiful sound!

She asked for me! She needed me and she asked for me! She was in distress and knew there was one person who could comfort her, mom. So what did she do? She asked for me!

Courtney was with her therapist in the house while I was outside with Alyssa. Courtney became upset and was acting as if she was in pain. her therapist showed Courtney her talker and she pressed the icon that said, “mom”! Of course her therapist immediately got me!

She asked for me! She has never verbally or with her talker asked for me! She’s never even called me mom without someone pointing to me and asking her “who is that”. And even then you couldn’t guarantee she would say (verbally or with talker), “mom”.

They say love needs no words. As spot on as that saying is, it still is nice to hear the words “I love you”. Just like the word, “mom”. I know Courtney knows who I am and has many ways to show she needs me but hearing it verbally or through her talker sure is a beautiful sound!”

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