A couple years back we had Courtney in Aqua-therapy. Over the time that she was in it, her tolerance of water grew to a true hate and fear of the water. We eventually stopped Aqua Therapy since progress wasn’t being made at all. I wanted so bad for it to help Courtney, but that wasn’t the case.

We have been visiting Mackinac Island every year since the year I was pregnant with her. Since her first visit, we’ve been going to the pool. The only time she has actually enjoyed this was before she was 1. Otherwise our visits to the pool at the hotel were almost as awful as Aqua Therapy. What we couldn’t understand though was she LOVES being in the baby pool (which the hotel doesn’t have). I finally came to the conclusion that Courtney does not like the feeling of her feet not being grounded, especially when in the water. Mind boggling since she loves to climb to all heights.

After 7 years, today it happened. Today Courtney ventured away from the steps of the pool that she usually timidly enjoys playing on and actually got in the pool! We’ve learned over the years, you can’t force her with this. She does love the water enough that she will always try to test her limits but any time we’ve tried to force her, we took several steps backwards. So as we watched her repeat a pattern of walking down the first step and then getting out and running a circle and then getting back in and walk down the first step over and over again, she slowly started to add a step. Eventually she was almost all the way in on the bottom step. It took all our power not to just grab her and tell her to get in but we let her continue her process.

Finally she took that last step of being fully emerged in the water. We were so proud of her. 7 years of visiting this pool. 7 years of wanting her so bad to enjoy the pool time. She did it! Of course I immediately sent a picture to some of her therapists because I knew this would excite them just as much as me. We are so proud of you, Courtney! This was a tough one, but you did it!

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