7 years later…

Seven years ago tonight, joe and I went to our favorite Mexican restaurant. That night we were just a married couple enjoying our last night as just that. The next day we became parents. Parents of our beautiful Courtney.

Seven years ago we knew we were about to start an amazing adventure but there was no preparing us for the adventure we were truly about to embark. Seven years ago we new we were about to be parents but we had no idea we were about to become autism parents. Seven years ago we were about to become mommy and daddy but we didn’t know the effort it would take for her to say mommy or daddy. Seven years ago we were prepared for the ups and downs of parenting but we were not prepared for the ups and downs, the struggles and celebrations, the laughter and tears and the complete joy of parenting a child with autism. And here we are, seven years later, enjoying the same meal and excited to celebrate our special 7 year old tomorrow.

Oh Courtney, as we celebrate you and the past 7 years, as unprepared as we were that night, we wouldn’t trade the journey you have brought us on and continue to take us on for the world. We love you, Courtney Cathryn! Happy night before your birthday!

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