I got home from work tonight and was quickly throwing some leftovers together for dinner since Courtney and I had a tele-therapy session. Alyssa came up to me with a serious look on her face and said, “mommy, I’m afraid nobody loves me”. Sadden by this comment I quick reassured her that she is very loved but I did ask her why she felt this way. Without needing time to think she replied, “because Savannah (nanny) has to help Courtney with school and can’t play with me”. Now completely heartbroken, I reminded her that Savannah loves her very much. I also reminded her that Savannah also helps her with school. Alyssa then reminded me that sometimes they have school (zoom) at the same time and she has to do it herself and Savannah also has to keep taking Courtney off things she’s climbing.

I fully realize that little kids at this age can say the darnedest things but there is so much truth behind her statement. Savannah does have to spend the majority of the day helping Courtney with school. Courtney is unable to attend zooms or complete school without full assistance. Well most preschoolers Alyssa had My dad and I were talking the other day about how young kids with loved ones with special

I mentioned in a previous post that Alyssa recently started seeing a psychologist. The emotions and behaviors that come along with being a sibling of a child with autism is definitely a major focus. These sessions are via zoom and they include me. Alyssa looks forward to these sessions as she also knows it’s an hour of uninterrupted mommy time. We are working at finding more uninterrupted mommy time but definitely a work in progress.

Oh Alyssa, know you are loved so much by so many. You light up every room you enter. You are truly a special little girl.

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