Courtney’s use and understanding of language continues to blossom in so many ways. As I have shared, recently see started using two word requests on her talker, such as “want milk” or “want iPad”. She’s even done a 3 word request!

We are also starting to see her use her talker independently in other ways besides asking for items that she wants. She’s using it more to tell us she needs a break from something that is hard or she doesn’t want to do. She’s using it to tell us when she is all done with something. My favorite text came from her BCBA to tell me that she was virtually observing a therapy session of hers. The BCBA was on her therapist”s iPad. Courtney wanted to play on her therapist’s iPad so she used her talker to say, “all done, goodbye”. She wanted the BCBA off zoom so she can play on that iPad. Yes, she logged off immediately!

Both her home team and school team have been working very hard for a while now on her identifying feelings, specifically her own. They are trying to teach Courtney that instead of showing us she’s mad by ring aggressive towards people, she can tell us she’s mad or frustrated. Today we got a pretty cool sign that all the hard work is paying off! A therapist was working with her. Courtney was enjoying a break and playing with this teddy bear puzzle we have. It has different teddy bears with the faces showing different feelings. Courtney was playing with two of the heads and was verbally saying something over and over. Her therapist couldn’t understand her so promoted her to use her talker. Courtney touched “mad” and “sad”. Look at the bears faces! They are most definitely “mad” and “sad”! I wasn’t there for this awesome moment but of course the therapist sent me a text immediately so I can celebrate! I couldn’t be more proud!

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