I will never forget the fall of 2018. It was when Courtney went through a horrible period of UTI’s and severe constipation that causes bowel spasms. It was 3 months of daily episodes of her screaming in utter pain that would cause her to bite her arms and legs. It was multiple phone calls a week from school asking us to pick her up because she was inconsolable. It was dr appoint after dr appointment. It was an awful period in this journey that seriously left me with PTSD.

Last Friday I got home from work and while I was unloading my stuff from the car, I could hear inside Courtney crying in complete terror. I immediately dropped everything and ran inside only to be greeted by Courtney grabbing herself as she was in pain and completely inconsolable. And that’s when the PTSD clicked in.

We’ve had occasional episodes since 2 years ago but what was different last Friday is it was the second time in a week. I tried not to let it worry me but I was now on high alert.

A week has past and we have had at least one episode every day. Each episode my anxiety has heightened. With each episode I have to work at not thinking about the awfulness of two years ago. We’ve ruled out the UTI and are now working on the constipation. This time there are other factors to consider that I can’t help but wonder if it’s something else. It will be my mission to not let this last 3 months again. It just simply can’t. Cross your fingers for a quicker turn around!

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